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I replaced a DVD-RW with this ” SATA to SATA 2nd HDD HD Hard Driver Caddy for 12.7mm Universal CD/DVD-ROM” on a HP ProBook 4530s in order to move there the hdd since i would install an SSD in the main hdd area.


On first shutdown, you can hear everything spinning down (hdd, cpu fan) but the power button led stayed on.

My first thought was to install some missing drivers for the SSD or/and the Chipset. Of course, none of them solved the problem.


After some more thorough googling, I found a guy, who had the same problem with me, but his caddy had a switch inside, while mine didn’t.


Now my search was easier, with one great finding! HP Elitebook 8560p Won’t Shutdown

If you skip the analysis on the link, the fact is that you have to somehow disable the third SATA pin.



I decided to use a more gentle method, I used a small piece of tape to block the third pin contacting the cable connector.


Notice the missing reflection of the third pin ! 😀

Now it shutdowns properly and is booting fast as hell!


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