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Πεταμένος χρόνος (v4)

  1. Open Avidemux (free video editing software)
  2. Open your mp4 file.
  3. Choose Video > Filters (or in Windows, press Ctrl+Alt+F)
  4. Double-click “Rotate” to add that filter
  5. Choose 90 degrees
  6. Press “Close” to exit “Video Filter Manager”
  7. Choose File -> Information to see the attributes of your original video
  8. Choose a “Video Output” other than “Copy” [for LG G2 video choose  “Mpeg4 AVC (x264)”]
  9. Select configure -> General
  10. Encoding Mode -> Constant Bitrate (Single Pass)
  11. Target Bitrate -> 16000 kbit/s and click OK to exit.
  12. Keep audio output on “Copy”.
  13. Select Output Format -> “MP4 Muxer”
  14. Save


source: http://superuser.com/questions/82117/rotate-a-mp4-file-while-preserving-codec-and-quality-attributes

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